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Failure to detect video and/or audio from a link might be caused by network issue or just because the provided link doesn't contains some. Check your network accessibility, and if you are sure your link do point to a media content please fill a bug with the link so we can investigate
Automatic detection is a complex feature that requires some adjustment to work correctly.
Filtering the appropriate data involves many filtering and artificial intelligence.

As a consequence, the software may detect false positives in some cases (video duplicates, fragments of video or even a file having no A/V content.) In this cases, the more handy setting to tune is the Minimum Media Size setting:

* 1mb (default) will detect small audio files but some unreadable video fragments might also be detected
* 10mb will avoid false positives but have no chance to download smaller files (like audio files)
It is a common issue encountered by a lot of users:

The data required to be scanned is stored in the cache of your browser. If you want it to be scanned you'll have to purge browser cache. The easiest way to do that is refreshing your browser with Ctrl+F5 key combination.
This is a legal limitation: These video are license protected and encrypted. VSO France have no right to provide customer tools to download these videos.


It might be caused by a server side policy aiming to preserve bandwidth In this case the better to do is to wait: As long as the progress bar animation is active, so is the download.


Those are the only limitation of the permanently free for use version. Registered customer don't have download delays and can download multiple content at once.